2. Badminton Diet…or not

So being an athlete now (guffaw) must mean a healthy diet for me? I’m not sure I’m there yet as I have a very good relationship with food, meaning I like it very much! My body type you ask? My body type would be ‘likes pizza.’ Yes that would definitely be it.

I came home from work yesterday and my husband prepared spicy veggie burgers with sweetcorn and mash. I can’t usually eat before a workout as the food jiggling around in my belly afterwards makes me feel sick and slows me down. Yes let’s blame the food….

I do however want to have dinner with my husband so I ate anyway. I did think about this later and must learn as this did not help me. I think maybe eating a smaller portion or half before and half after might work for me. Something I need to figure out as you do need energy.

I must say though, something strange (and good) is happening to my body since I have started playing badminton. However much I continue to eat, (I recently ate my way through Barcelona) I am losing weight! My stomach seems to be changing shape and the hill tops of tiny muscles are peeking through. I’ll tell you about the time I thought the tiny muscles were a hernia another time.

So Neesi didn’t come to the group coaching with me last night but is planning to come next week. She was busy baking lots of cake for a cousin’s birthday. She baked a big victoria sponge (my favourite), cheesecake and lemon curd cupcakes. So of course before heading to group coaching I had to test out a cupcake…and oh my was it good! Badminton diet you say….

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