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5. It’s not a shot!

Before I wolf down my morning croissant I must clarify something. You may recall in my first post I said I am not allowed to call my “shots” shots and going to one coaching session does not remove those inverted commas unfortunately.

So here I am clarifying that each time in my last post when I mentioned a shot, it was my attempt at copying a shot which was shown to me and I by no means know how to do them.

I realise this process will take me many years and I will constantly need to practice the shots and work on them. Trust me once I can remove those inverted commas I will let you know! For now it is really interesting for me to see the plethora of shots good badminton players are armed with. To me they are completely alien! My happiness emanates from my racket making any connection with the shuttlecock in even a remotely similar manner.

I am enjoying  having nice hair and makeup at the moment, knowing full well that later when I step on to the badminton court my hair will go crazy and my face will be covered in sweat. Ah what a treat! As someone who likes to look good and hates sweating it is strange that I look forward to looking the complete opposite. Oh badminton, what have you done to me?!

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