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7. Hair vs badminton

_20170828_110258As you can see in the picture,  I have long, thick and curly hair which is a treat to manage during and after a workout. Since I’ve started playing badminton I’ve been battling my hair to try and keep it in good condition!

My first obstacle was deciding what to do with my hair while playing. During my first sessions I had it up in a tight ponytail with a little fringe hanging out at the front. The fringe would annoyingly flop into my eyes, obstructing my view (no it wasn’t just poor hand eye coordination), so this had to be banished quite quickly.

Then I decided to have two cute plaits. Now, these looked great but once I started sweating they clung to the back of my neck like two deadweights and I soon grew irritated. Half way through the session I had to open them up and put my hair up. So pretty quickly I realised that I need all my hair up and out of the way!

Due to the texture of my hair, I cannot wash it every day. This would make my hair angry and unmanageable. So it’s been difficult taking up a sport that makes me sweat so much. I have been googling what to do, speaking to hairdressers and just generally experimenting with my hair. I’ve read that sweat can weaken hair at the root and cause it to fall out, cue alarm bells! I know I have thick hair but I’d like to keep it like that! I rather like having a lion’s mane. Raah! 🙂


I’ve found that spritzing some dry shampoo in my hair before badminton helps. The dry shampoo soaks up the sweat so my hair doesn’t get too frizzy and I don’t need to wash it so often.

Oil also helps so I put a tiny bit into my hair before playing on hair wash days. I only do this on days when I’ll wash my hair as this can make my hair greasy.

Once a week I try to pour a good quantity of oil into my hair and give myself a nice head massage. I try to either leave the oil in all night or at least a couple of hours before washing it out. This gives my hair much needed tlc and afterwards it’s so much healthier and happier. In all honesty, this is a tip passed down by generations of women in my family and has led them to have strong and healthy hair. My mum didn’t bat an eyelid as I handed her a bottle of oil yesterday and plonked myself down in front of her. It’s so much nicer when someone else puts oil in your hair!

Also, I don’t tie my hair up so tight now when I go to play badminton. I pile it on top of my head and secure it in a bun. I then stick a hairband on to keep stray hairs out of my eyes and avoiding the need to tie it up so tight.

So this is what I’ve been doing so far with my hair. I’ll keep you posted on how it’s working out! Badminton is obviously worth it!

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