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8. Rest days have me like..

After playing badminton for 3 hours on Friday evening, on Saturday morning I was shattered! We usually play for 2 hours but my husband had booked an extra hour because he could! When I am playing badminton, whenever someone offers me a game I find it hard to say no. It’s just so much fun! Even though I enjoyed playing badminton for 3 hours, it did take it’s toll on my body. I was supposed to drive down to see my parents quite early on Saturday but kept napping and mooching on the sofa. My legs just didn’t want to carry me to the door and down the road to my car. You’ll be glad to know that a couple of hours later I did manage to make it out of the house.

The Monday session didn’t take place yesterday, as the leisure centre closed early due to it being a bank holiday (a public holiday so all offices and banks are closed).  Boo! Even though I was tired on Saturday, I’ve had a rest now and in all honestly, I am missing badminton!

Tonight I’ll be back at group coaching though and I am looking forward to learning more! I will feedback what I learn of course.

One thing I have realised over this long weekend though is that rest days are also very important to allow your muscles to recover. I had a lovely soak in the bath last night and I could feel the tension leaving my muscles as my body relaxed in the hot water. This meant a good night’s sleep and today I feel energised and ready to get back into my routine! Other good news? My legs are back on board with this whole carrying me around business which will definitely help tonight!

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