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10. Come on, you know what you need to do!

So I found myself at the Wednesday badminton session yesterday evening. I have noticed that it takes me a little while to warm up and get into the groove of badminton. My first game is never my best one but once I am a bit warmer, things just click into place.

I really wanted to practice the overhead shot with the wrist flick yesterday, but if I am completely honest I didn’t really practice it very much. On the odd occasion when I did manage to flick my wrist, the shuttlecock did go that much further with me putting a lot less effort in. Hopefully as time goes on I will be able to practice this a lot more.

Don’t even go there with the net shot we have been learning! I love practicing the net shot during coaching but when I was playing yesterday this was just not working out! I realise I was tapping the shuttlecock rather than carrying out the slicing motion. Silly me, I know better!

As I usually live at the front of the court, opponents like to catch me out by sending the shuttlecock to the outer corners of the net which is a challenge for me, but one I am determined to work on. I realise that my mistake is that after serving or returning a shuttlecock, I like to hang out there and admire what I’ve done, rather than move back to the middle line and prepare for the next shot coming my way.  I have improved on this but definitely need to remember to get back to the middle quickly!

I had not realised how important lighting is until yesterday. Now that I have written that, it sounds silly because of course you need to be able to see in order to play well. Yesterday at one point I found myself playing on the very last court in the corner, under a rather harsh light. During the game a shuttlecock was coming steadily towards me, I felt like I had it, I looked up and instead of the shuttlecock all I saw was pure white light and in that split second I missed it! This was particularly annoying because as I am improving, I am missing less shots unless they are awkward ones or too fast for me but this was a nice easy one! You know the kind, a slow looping whale of a shot which gives you plenty of time to get behind it and position your racket. I know, I know, I really need to get over it.

In between games I like to watch the other badminton players play. There is so much you can learn just by watching. For example, I have seen that when the better players return a shuttlecock, they try to place it in gaps so that it is a bit more difficult for their opponent to return. Self reflection, I return the shuttlecock right back to the opponent! I need to learn how to direct it elsewhere!

From all of the above it might sound like It was an awful evening and I was losing consistently but actually I was doing quite well and won quite a few games. It was a fun evening! I guess I am my own biggest critic and well, after being shown what to do, it is frustrating when you don’t do it!

Today is rest day so this evening I will relax and try not practice that wrist flick in front of the mirror….

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