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11. Eid mubarak guys!


I have not played badminton since Wednesday evening, boo! I’m really missing it. Here I am last Wednesday with my badminton hair! As you can see, it’s all piled into a bun on my head. Then there’s those lovely frizzy bits peeking out. Joy!

Yesterday was eid hence no update because I have basically been eating for 24 hours! Eid mubarak to all those celebrating! I ditched my usual leggings, oversized t-shirt and trainers for this green and pink number for the celebrations.


The badminton diet has been notoriously bad as I’ve been indulging in rice, meatballs, rice pudding with chocolate buttons, ice cream and cake to name a few! I can’t even recall everything I’ve had as there was just so much!

This was only breakfast….

As Eid fell on a Friday this meant no badminton for us. Although, we weren’t able to get courts this week anyway so it didn’t make much difference. Two more Fridays and then the refurbishment of the school will be finished and we’ll be back to our normal Friday venue. Yay! I’m excited to see the new floor they’re putting in!

I’m so looking forward to badminton on Monday evening as I feel I need to work off all this food!

Since I’ve started playing badminton, my body has really begun to change. My bum has started travelling north, my stomach seems to be getting tighter and my legs feel more toned. I look and feel different. Clothes look a bit different on me too and I must say, I am really enjoying these changes! I feel more confident. It’s great! With these positive changes though, have come a few stretchmarks too. So I bought myself some bio oil and lathered this on for the first time yesterday. I’ve heard so much about it so it’ll be interesting to see if it actually works!

I don’t think there is any going back now. Badminton is more than just a sport to me now, it’s a way of life. This must be hilarious coming from a beginner but we all start somewhere!

Even though I don’t have a session until Monday, I think I’ll book a court and do some drills over the weekend. Maybe I can practice getting from one side of the court to the other? People who see me might think I’m nuts but this should increase my speed and knowing where to place myself etc. Getting to know your court better can only be a good thing right?!

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve just remembered that I have strawberry and cream tarts in the fridge. Oh its a good life!

3 thoughts on “11. Eid mubarak guys!

  1. ” Badminton is more than just a sport to me now, it’s a way of life. This must be hilarious coming from a beginner but we all start somewhere!” Don’t worry. That sentence is only crazy to people who don’t get it. The rest of us know exactly how you feel. 😉

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