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12. Sunday training

Happy Sunday guys! I have just had a training session with my husband at the leisure centre. He booked a court and offered me one hour of drills. I jumped at the opportunity because he is a much better badminton player than me and I want to take in all the tips I can!

First we warmed up. The warm up was more intensive than what I’m used to. Lots of jogging, sprinting and star jumps for the length of four courts, then back again. By the way, my footwork is abysmal! Really need to work on that. I was shattered before we had even started the drills! Jeez, I need to get much fitter. It’s due to the fact that I’ve been playing badminton that I was able to keep up at all!

Battered and puffing, I took up my position on the opposite side of the court as he launched lots of shuttlecocks my way for me to hit overhead back to him, aiming to get them to the back of the court on his side.

I was able to hit most of them back which was great but he wanted me to keep them high which was a struggle. I tend to keep them flat in order to avoid my opponents smashing. I continued trying though and hit a few of them higher than usual.

Next, he threw shuttlecocks over the net to my right side and wanted me to flick these to the back of the court. This is something I’m not used to doing at all. It was difficult not to swing my whole arm as I had the space to do so. The aim this time was to get the shuttlecocks between the last two white lines at the back of the court. I flicked as hard as possible and got most of them two thirds of the way down the court. I was consistent if anything. We did about 4/5 rounds of this and each time funnily enough, one fighter of a shuttlecock would make it in between the target lines. Yes, my trusted friend! Haha.

I was feeling a bit dejected as we started doing the same exercise to my left. This was surprisingly better than my right as I didn’t have much room to move my arm and found it easier to powerfully flick my wrist. The shuttlecocks were going further this time and a few ended up where they should be! Yay!

My spirits lifted! My husband then told me that he would now throw the shuttlecocks to both sides of the net. He warned me that I might not be able to hit any of them back at all. Grrr, I felt that familiar fire in my belly, either that or hunger, I’m not really sure! Haha.

Guess what? I managed to hit most of them back and a few more landed in between the target lines than before! Yay! I felt pumped! Yes, I’ll take that, thank you very much!


See that green horizontal line? That’s as far as they were making it before! Maybe I work better under pressure. I was trying to return to the middle in ready position between each shuttlecock made it over which helped.

As we walked out of the leisure centre I caught the familiar scent of chips from reception. My steps quickened in excitement, I felt I deserved them! We’d ended up training for an hour and a half! I was just getting ready to choose what to have, (chips with cheese obviously!) when my husband said we’ll eat at home. Humph. I wanted chips but begrudgingly agreed. Aah maybe next time!

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