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14. Monday Mayhem

Monday night badminton has become a regular thing for me now. It starts at 8pm so yesterday evening I had just enough time to get home from work, make dinner, wash up, pack lunch and get ready. Safe to say, I felt like superwoman by the time I got to badminton, hehe.

I made one of my favourites, halloumi (cheese) and couscous salad. As playing badminton a few nights a week slots into my evening routine, I have to balance it with other necessary activities like making dinner. Yesterday went really well but it was because I had planned this meal ahead of time, had all the ingredients and made a dish which was relatively quick. I need similar recipes and ingredients in my arsenal for nights when me or my husband are playing badminton in the evening.

The leisure centre’s system showed that not many people were coming to play badminton yesterday evening. I had mixed feelings about this. On one hand it could mean not many people to play with so lots of hanging around, not many games and a boring night or on the other hand it could mean playing constantly the whole evening which would be awesome! It really depends on who turns up.

Turns out there were a fair few people. Maybe the system wasn’t working or they decided last minute to come, but whatever the reason, I was more than happy because I played all evening! The players were either the same level as me, or better so I could have some challenging games to keep me on my toes.

There is one woman I really enjoy playing alongside who had been on holiday the past few weeks. I was so happy to see that she was back last night and had some awesome games with her. She is strong at the back of the court but also covers the front, giving me ample opportunity to cover both. We won lots of our games together and even when we didn’t, we played well together so we were happy. You know with some people, it just works.

I usually play more mixed games and a few ladies doubles. Last night it was the other way around. I played mostly ladies doubles which meant I had to work harder and the games were more challenging. I really enjoyed this and was sweating buckets!

My face becomes really sweaty when playing and I find it quite distracting. I bought myself a little fluffy face towel to mop up any excess sweat a while ago. I’ve always seen professional athletes using face towels on TV. Boy, did I feel like a pro wiping my face with one of these beauties yesterday! For a brief moment my face was submerged into a fluffy, soft world of loveliness. Back to the real world, it was fantastic, with a dry face I was ready to run back onto the court and was no longer distracted by the sweat!

Last night, my partner was in the process of hitting back a shuttlecock with quite a bit of speed and power but unfortunately it found my face instead. I was looking ahead so heard it and felt it before I saw it. For something so small and light it definitely had an impact, but not as much as you would have from a ball for example which is good. I was expecting to have a bruise on my face this morning, but nothing has appeared so far.

My whole body is aching this morning and I feel royally tired. I had to really convince myself to get up for work and decided to treat myself to buttered toast and orange juice for breakfast. I know, I am too good to myself! That should prop me up until lunch time anyway. I cannot feel my bum or legs this morning at all, they’ll thank me for this one day surely….


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