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16. Table Tennis who?

Last night I didn’t go to play badminton. It was supposed to be rest day, but my husband decided to go play badminton and I didn’t fancy sitting at home (even though my eyes kept closing), so I went to play table tennis.

I hadn’t been to table tennis in a couple of months so I felt a bit guilty for abandoning it in favour of badminton! I have to remember that it was table tennis that gave me the confidence to go and play badminton!

I walked in quite apprehensive, wondering if I had forgotten how to play and whether they would be happy to see me. I don’t know why I was worried, my friends at the club were ecstatic that I’d reappeared and I was thrown into a game straight away!

It felt weird swapping the court for a table and having to cover much less space. Also, the way you move the bat for table tennis is completely different to how you move a racket. You do long sweeping motions with a table tennis bat. I did hit the ball too far a few times at the start, until I found my table tennis groove and convinced my hand that it was not holding a racket!

Once I found my groove though, I was on fire! Looks like playing badminton has really improved my hand-eye coordination! Keeping my knees bent like I do in badminton was really handy as I sprung around the table! I was moving around much quicker and getting everything back. I was getting silly points everywhere. It was exhilarating! I made a new friend too which was great!

I had such a fun night and loved seeing everyone especially my old Chinese friend! He is such a character, he plays in his own unique way (which everyone advises us not to follow), is loud and just fun to be around. His energy is contagious!

You know what all this fun meant though? 3 nights on the trot I’ve been out until late and today I am a complete zombie! Don’t be surprised if I keep walking into walls. The fact that people keep walking up to me in the office today and telling me that my hair looks nice is shocking because I feel like a dishevelled mess. Clearly this look works for me. I am so sleep deprived that a hot bath and bed seems like a vacation right now! No really, I would hug the person that offers me sleep and lots of it! Don’t ask for much do I? Stick a fork in me, I’m done.


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