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17. Badminton, everywhere

I know I said I’m done – but not in terms of writing I’m not and actually not in terms of badminton either! I just need a good kip and then I’ll be back to it!

I love how badminton is available almost everywhere in the UK. I never realised until I started playing. I know I manage to play a couple of times during the week but I’ll be in a different town this weekend and was googling what they have in terms of badminton. Sure enough, there is a club that has a group of beginners who play on weekends! They offer 1 hour of coaching and then 1 hour of mixed play! Happy days!

I’ve contacted them and am eagerly awaiting their response! Just a tad excited! I can see that the website and group was set up quite a few years ago, so I’m not sure if they still play but, I am hoping they do! I guess I’ll find out soon enough.

I won’t know anyone there but that doesn’t matter. We will be united by badminton! I wonder what level of beginners they will be. That probably sounds odd, but beginners come in all different abilities. Some who can barely hit the shuttlecock (me a couple of months ago) and some who can hold their own, but only just (I would like to think that’s me now, but maybe not quite).

I have just received an email and it’s from them! You might as well find out the outcome as it happens in real time. Hang on while I switch tabs to find out…..

Their sessions are on and I am more than welcome to join! Yay! Looks like I know what I will be doing this Sunday morning!

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