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21. My first badminton racket – Yonex Arc Saber FD

Taking up a sport like badminton means I need a whole host of items to facilitate it, which I never needed before. Cue my badminton wishlist!

As you can see from one of my previous posts – 18. My babolat beauties  I needed specific shoes which I waited a couple of months to buy. So yep, I have these in my kitty now. Even before these though, I began to feel the need to buy a racket.

For the first couple of months I only played every Friday at the informal club and I used to use one of their team rackets. This was fine for a while as I didn’t (and still don’t) know the first thing about rackets. Only thing was, these would disappear quite quickly on Friday evenings, so you would have to get in there quick to grab a racket. Also, if I played anywhere else I was stuck. I did cheekily borrow their racket once or twice but soon felt the need to get my own.

So one sunny weekend I found myself in the glorious shop that is Decathlon. I love it in there. They have sports gear for every sport you can think of. They have such a variety of items from sportswear, footwear and protein bars to tents. You name it, they’ll probably have it! Their sportswear is cheap and cheerful! I’ve tried a few items out and can’t fault them. One of my favourite pair of leggings is from there and randomly my swim cap.

Anyway, sorry I went off on a tangent but seriously I love that shop. So, after zipping up and down the aisles on a scooter I had found and making a right fool of myself, I decided to look at the rackets. Yeah I know, you can’t take me anywhere!

I don’t know anything about rackets so my husband chose it for me. It’s a Yonex one and was in the sale, so I paid £24.99 ($33) for it. Half price I believe, don’t quote me on that though. It was a while ago and I had no idea I would be blogging about it at that point. My racket is a Yonex Arc Saber FD and is relatively light which is why I like it. I love that it’s called a saber, reminds me of the word sabre and well, this racket is my weapon of choice!


I did feel an immediate difference when I started using this racket. The handle felt thicker and sturdier. I have not had to add a grip on my racket as I feel the grip is quite good on it already. I know many people who add grips though and I wonder if I will need to at some point.


The strings feel nice and tight so the shuttlecock springs off them quite nicely. This racket is made of graphite which makes the frame lightweight and stiff for increased racket head stability.  It’s mainly the weight (75-79.9g) and the fact that its an evenly balanced racket, that I like to be honest.

My racket casually chilling out by the net

Now that I have badminton shoes and a racket, naturally I need a bag to keep them both in! Oh badminton wishlist, when will you end?

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