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23. Hair Update

After playing badminton for 3 days in a row my hair and scalp were in a state! My hair was dry as a cracker and my scalp felt so uncomfortable! I had to do something because I really do like my lion’s mane! Also, I need to look like a presentable lawyer at work!

Wednesday night was my first break from badminton and honestly as much as I love playing, it was a welcome break so I could give my hair and body some tlc!

I couldn’t find my usual baby oil. My coconut oil was in a solid state which I could not be bothered with so I found a random shea hair and body oil and poured it all over my head. By the way, this is not my favourite hair oil by any means, It was just the first one I saw. I prefer coconut oil.

The feeling as that cool oil touched my scalp was beautiful! Honestly, it was cooling and relaxing. *Big content sigh!*

I sat there, on the edge of my bath tub, massaging my head for 10 minutes. My hair was definitely thirsty because it was just drinking the oil up. Once the oil was in, I sat down to watch a couple of shows to give it time to get to work.

I washed the oil out a few hours later and the difference was noticeable! I used hair ‘‘Rehab’ shampoo from Lush to cleanse my scalp and remove any buildup due to the sweaty sport I partake in. My hair felt soft to touch and felt so much healthier after. My scalp felt so much calmer, clean and refreshed. The massage had also made me feel so relaxed. Happy days!

Here is the before and after of my oil process!


My hair doesn’t feel any weaker due to playing badminton regularly which I am pleased about. Last week I was a bit worried though, as it was getting courser than usual.

It is so difficult to achieve a balance as I can’t over wash my hair without damaging it, but buildup of sweat makes my scalp angry. I am going to carry on like this for a while and see how I get on. It’s working ok so far, but if all my hair falls out or I permanently look like I’ve been electrocuted I’ll let you know!

I am considering playing badminton again tonight and putting my hair and scalp through some more!

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