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25. Badminton takes Bollywood

I really enjoy badminton and am definitely partial to a Bollywood movie now and again. So imagine my excitement when I found out that one of my favourite actresses Shraddha Kapoor, will be acting in a biographical movie on Saina Nehwal’s life as a badminton player!

Saina is a singles player and has had the honour of representing India 3 times at the Olympics. She was the first Indian badminton player to win an Olympic medal when she won the bronze medal at the 2012 Olympics in London. Google tells me Saina has won over 21 international titles and was ranked world no.1 in 2015.

Shraddha is currently training for the role ahead of filming which I think is great because she will need to know how to hold the racket etc and basics of playing in order to be authentic in the role. Saina is training Shraddha herself as can be seen in the picture above which I think is fantastic! Saina’s coach Pullela Gopichand is also training Shraddha which is great. He has an academy in Hyderabad, which I gather must be where all this training is taking place.

Filming will actually begin at the end of 2017 but Shraddha has said she realises this will be her most difficult role to date and she needs a couple of months of training beforehand. I admire that level of dedication and am really looking forward to seeing this movie! The title at the moment is ‘Saina’ but with Bollywood, this can change at any point until release!

This movie will definitely be on my watch list! I will really enjoy introducing my family to badminton through this movie too, because they don’t quite understand my obsession with it at the moment!

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