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26. Did you get wind of this?

Today I was reading the editorial feature on Google – 25 Weird and Wonderful Entries in Dr. Johnson’s Dictionary when I came across number 6:

Fart, noun:  Wind from behind

Love is the fart

Of every heart,

It pains a man when ’tis kept close,

And others doth offend, when ’tis let loose.”

Why did this tickle me beyond the obvious you might wonder? Well, remember I posted a picture of the elite badminton players yesterday? Do you know what happened in that particular session?

First, you must swear to secrecy because we are about to delve into the secret world of the elite badminton sessions.


One of the players (my husband’s doubles partner) was engaged in an intense game of badminton when he farted. Yes you read right, he farted. He started laughing, lost his balance and twisted his ankle! Ouch! All of this, ahead of an important league game tomorrow! Oh dear! The dangers of playing badminton eh?! That is definitely not one they tell you about!

Looks like it pains a man when let loose too! Something to add to Dr. Johnson’s dictionary? If you want to read some of the other weird and fabulous entries, they can be found here.

On a serious note, all jokes aside, (and yes there are many!) it happened to a great guy and I hope he recovers quickly and gets back onto the court!


He’s holding crutches instead of a racket at the moment as it turns out he has ligament damage. Hopefully not for long!

Hang on, he says it wasn’t because he farted! He says it was because he had to keep covering my husband’s shots!


My husband claims they weren’t even playing together at the time! Who to believe? What really happened? We’ll never know!

Let’s hope this experience doesn’t leave him deflated… Get it? Deflated…


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