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27. What’s the score?

So the main thing that put me off badminton when I first played it a couple of years ago was the scoring system and consequently knowing whose serve it was. I found this so confusing and didn’t understand when to swap, when to serve or where to serve from! This made me feel stupid and totally scared me off! I didn’t go back until 2 years later.

thinking face

When I decided to give badminton another shot a few months ago, I was again a bit apprehensive about this, but decided heck, I can figure this out! It can’t be that complicated!

Last week I was chatting to another badminton player whose sister loves to play and I asked him to bring her along to the no strings sessions. He said she was scared because she didn’t understand the scoring system. Boy do I remember feeling like that! This made me realise I wasn’t the only one!

A couple of months ago, after my first few sessions playing badminton, I started to get the hang of how to keep score. Of course, sometimes I get carried away and forget what it is, but I know how to keep score now and I know when I’m serving, along with where from!

So for any of you newbies out there, this is what I have gathered from playing doubles so far:

  • We usually throw the shuttlecock up to see which direction it’s facing when it lands and that side serves first. This may vary depending on where you play;
  • If you are on an odd number then you serve from the left side of the court;
  • If you are on an even number you serve from the right side of the court;
  • The game always begins from the right side of the court. I know 0 isn’t an even number but this seems to always be the case;
  • The winner of the rally gets the next serve;
  • Every time you win a rally you get a point;
  • Whenever the serving side wins a rally, the same person continues to serve but then moves to the left or right side of the court for the next serve according to the score. In this situation you cannot serve again from the same side of the court, you will always move over;
  • When stating the score during a game, you always say the server’s score first;
  • The first team (pair) to get to 21 wins the game;
  • In order to win though you need to win by 2 clear points. 2 clear points means 2 points in a row. This means a game can continue past 21 if there is only a 1 point difference;
  • This way a game could go on forever, so there is an upper limit of 30 and if you get to 30 before your opponent just by 1 point you win!

I hope this helps some of you beginners out there. Don’t be scared, just get out there and play. In time you’ll get the hang of it! I’m so glad I gave it another go!

In other news, I’m sorry I haven’t updated you guys as much as usual and you missed my training update this week too! Apologies for those who have been looking for it! I have not been able to play badminton this week, boo! I have been quite sick and even ended up in hospital on Tuesday night.


Here I am laying across a couple of seats in A&E (ER). I think I may have been asleep when my husband took this picture! Cheeky but useful! I know it’s too early for Christmas pyjamas but there they are! Don’t judge!

I’m feeling a bit better now and can’t wait to play badminton tomorrow! I missed out on my coaching session this week too which sucked! I will just have to gain even more from it next week! As always, will keep you guys posted!

Hope you didn’t miss me too much!

4 thoughts on “27. What’s the score?

  1. Great simple explanation for beginners! But what makes you think that 0 isn’t even? even lists it in the opening text.

    My experience is that scoring is often easier for children to understand than for adults, surprisingly so. Maybe that’s because kids tend to start with (half-court) singles, and adults often start with doubles. Just this weekend, I umpired at a tournament where some young kids handled the scoreboards. They had never played an actual match, but were fascinated by the scoring. After some questions from them to us umpires, and them sharing their experiences, they had worked out everything.

    Get well soon!

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    1. Thank you! I was hoping it would be a simple explanation. I could have really done with something like this when I started playing!

      Interesting what you say about 0, I’m no mathematician so cannot say for sure but looks like this has been the subject of debate for many years. I found this article interesting! I will definitely dig further to find out more but I’m glad there is a reason behind it. As a lawyer, logic is always welcome!

      I think children would pick scoring up quicker so what you say makes sense for sure. I was playing with my niece during summer and she picked it up very quick! They soak up knowledge like sponges, especially if it’s part of a fun game.

      Thanks, I’m already feeling heaps better so will be playing tomorrow! 🙂


      1. Um, from the article you cite: “For mathematicians the answer is easy: zero is an even number.”. 0 being even is about as controversial in mathematics as the earth being round in astrophysics 😉


  2. Haha agreed! I just found the article interesting in general. The article also states that ‘It even took mathematicians some time to agree on the question’ but also says ‘there is an argument that zero is the most even number of all.’ The outcome is definitely that it is an even number! 🙂


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