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29. Decathlon love!

In my last post you’ll recall that my favourite pairs of leggings to play badminton in were in the wash, so I had to wear something else. This in turn meant that I wasn’t as comfortable and secure as I like to be while playing, which was distracting.

Also, I like playing badminton in oversized t-shirts. All of my t-shirts actually fit me so this means I usually end up borrowing my husband’s t-shirts. While this means I sometimes end up wearing cool t-shirts, the cut of them isn’t very flattering and they can sometimes be a bit too oversized! Oh and I feel guilty if I wear one of his favourites! I think it’s time I got some of my own.

What did this mean? A trip to Decathlon on Saturday of course! My sister in law hadn’t been before so this was exciting!

There were so many different types of leggings, I was spoilt for choice! They even come in different lengths which is amazing for my tiny legs! I managed to find my size in a shorter length of Kalenji leggings so was over the moon! They are made of a good strong material so don’t become transparent when they stretch. They keep you cool and wick away moisture which is awesome! The thick waistband and drawstring means they stay put and you don’t have to faff about pulling them up constantly! For £9.99 ($13) you really can’t go wrong!

I also picked up a few oversized t-shirts which I am excited to wear! One is the same colour as my Babolat beauties! One is a plain black t-shirt and one is a cool asymmetrical design one with hints of pink. Finally, feminine t-shirts instead of random men’s ones! Yay! These didn’t break the bank either at around £6 ($8) each. Happy Days!


All this sporty activity also means I am in constant need of ankle socks to wear with my badminton shoes. I buy a shed load of these and am constantly washing them – I don’t know where they disappear to?! I feel like there is a naughty sock gremlin that keeps running away with these, always leaving me looking for more! So I bought some rather fancy kalenji ankle socks too. I am looking forward to seeing what difference these make as I always wear normal ankle socks from any shop. These look a bit thicker and smaller with little panels in the material itself.

Needless to say, I’m looking forward to wearing my new sports gear tonight! 🙂

I couldn’t leave Decathlon without zipping around on my favourite scooter obviously! So much fun! It’s hard to stop! I think I might have to treat myself to one of these seeing as I enjoy them so much! Would it be the same if I wasn’t zipping up and down the aisles of Decathlon though?



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