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30. Monday no strings badminton!

Just as things seemed to be falling apart on Friday, last night they seemed to be coming together. I guess I am quite hard on myself because I know I have so much to improve on!

I went to the no strings session last night and really enjoyed it. My energy levels were much better than Friday and even though I had a bit of a temperature, I still wanted to play. Not playing until Friday last week majorly affected my game!

On Friday my husband told me that I wasn’t hitting the shuttlecock down from the net as I was supposed to. So last night I tried to work on this and was trying to focus on hitting the shuttlecock down instead of right back to the person who sent it to me. Even though I still slipped up and sent the shuttlecock back a few times, there were also times when I did manage to hit it down and get the point, or at least make it a bit more difficult for my opponent to return. I was happy with this because it’s some progress! Much more work needed, but I think this will come with practice. I think I need to a) hit the shuttlecock down and also b) experiment with the angle I hit it down with. This makes a huge difference. Badminton is definitely technique rather than brute strength which is why I feel I stand a chance even with my tiny limbs.


I met someone really nice at badminton yesterday. I had to explain why I was taking pictures, other than the fact that I’m just weird! She also has a great relationship with food and was really friendly so we got on like a house on fire! I played with her twice and it was really fun! She said she thought I was doing really well seeing as I’m new to badminton which made my day! I really like the social aspect of playing badminton. You meet some really nice people! I moved to this town 4 years ago and this has turned out to be a great way to meet people. She told me to try to stand in middle of the box when someone is serving to me so that I can reach all areas of the box a bit more easily. Later, she asked me to observe where other players stood when they were being served to, but as is always the way when you want to show someone an example, people were standing all over the place! haha!

I was moving around the box a bit better last night but can definitely work on this. I must say there is a huge difference in how I move around the court now than when I first started playing badminton. Having participated in no sport before this EVER. Yes ever, I had no clue of how to move around and would run/stumble to the front and back of the court. Obviously I’m not elegant in my movements now, but they have improved significantly and now sort of resemble how badminton players move. Sometimes it is easy to forget that I am teaching my body completely new things, from how to stand to how to move! All of which felt alien not so long ago! I do feel twinges of pride when I think of how much I have learnt and it makes me realise it is never too late to pick up a hobby.

I was wearing my Kalenji leggings, t-shirt and socks last night and really liked them. I looked like a walking Kalenji advert! The leggings felt really secure and didn’t budge the whole evening! They were so lightweight that I hardly felt like I was wearing anything! A couple of times, I looked down to double check that I was!

The socks looked tiny when I opened them up but fit perfectly. I don’t know why I have been wearing normal socks, the difference with these was substantial. I felt even more secure in my shoes and it was like they had grip on them which was great! Must get more!

I played two games with the coordinator who had been off since July and he told me he thought I had improved a lot since then! It made the games a bit more fun for him to play as he didn’t need to slow down the pace drastically for me and even had to work a little bit! Yay! I love it when people notice the difference!

I spin my racket around while I wait and feel like I don’t hold it properly. So many people have shown me the proper way to hold my racket so far that it is just embarrassing now! It does feel better than it used to and I feel like I switch between grips with more ease which is great, but in my heart of hearts I know I am still not holding it properly. To me it feels like my fingers are too small for me to be able to hold it as loosely as I would like. I still try though!

As I didn’t play much badminton last week until Friday, I had muscle pain all over my body on the weekend! Relentlessly I played again last night because I know that the more I play my body adapts and I stop feeling the pain. Group coaching tonight! Can’t wait! You know what else I can’t wait for? My bed!


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