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32. Training update

On Tuesday evening I went to group coaching. As I’d missed it last week I wanted to make the most of it this week!

We started off by practicing our serve. The coach marked out a little box on the court which we had to aim for. The girl opposite me on the court was aiming for the little box next to me and I was aiming for the little box next to her.

My coach’s box of shuttlecocks!

I scooped up a few rows of the shuttlecocks from our coach’s big plastic box and placed them next to me. I held my racket low, so the strings were below my belly button and gently tapped the shuttlecocks over the net. I soon figured out that I needed a little bit of a stronger tap for the shuttlecocks to land in the desired box. I didn’t rush the exercise in order to finish it and stand around. I took my time and tried to make each serve count. I’ve noticed that when I take my time, the serve is much better. My partner was raining shuttlecocks down but they were landing far and wide. After a little while I noticed she’d stopped and was watching me. Feeling a bit self conscious, perhaps I was in her way, I stopped too and looked at her. ‘I’m just watching how you do it’ she said. Well that’s alright then I thought, I’ll carry on.

Even though it was a simple exercise, I really enjoyed it. It was annoying though, when the shuttlecock would land in the target box and bounce out, or bounce on top of another shuttlecock in the target box and fall out. This is an exercise I can do on my own too. I would just need to book a court which would be free due to my gym membership!

It probably doesn’t look great but it was going pretty well!

I want to practice so that I can be more precise and get more shuttlecocks inside that box.  It would be nice to see the range get smaller!

I also practiced backhand shots where the shuttlecock was just over my right shoulder and with my back to net I had to try to hit it with a backward flick of my wrist. I really like practicing this shot, I’m going to try to use it on Friday. For some reason the backward flick works much better for me than the forward one. I find it easier to isolate the movement to just my wrist when it is backwards but when I do the forward one I start moving my whole arm! I love completing the semi circle in the air and seeing the shuttlecock soar through the air. Simple pleasures!

My husband came in to the session at the end and watched me play. He told me that I move my arm too much so I really need to stop doing that. Master the little flicks! I played alongside my coach and he did admire some of my returns which I was happy about. I am finally sending the shuttlecock a bit further to the back of the court and making my opponent move back. Now I just need to figure out how to then hit it back softly over the net after pushing them to the back of the court. It is all about technique and tactics after all!


My coach did tell me that if the shuttlecock is going over my head or is out of my reach, I need to leave it to my partner at the back. For so long I have been concentrating on trying to hit back everything that I can at the front and trying to move more etc that I didn’t realise I was doing this. I will try to leave anything that goes over my head from now on.

Overall it was a good training session which really made me sweat! I do feel like I’m back on track now!

I had cooked haddock, peas and mash potato before going to my coaching session. Go me!  Wife duties -check! I ate half of this before I went so that I had enough energy to work out but it wouldn’t make me feel sick. I then ate the second half of my fish when I came back. I was pretty hungry by then so it worked out perfectly!


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