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33. Friday club, reflexes and cheeky magnums!

Friday was the most stressful day I’ve had in a while! Everyone in my office wanted help with something or another and while I love helping people, I couldn’t even pee without being asked a question! When 5pm rolled around, I literally ran for the weekend!  I love my job, but it had been a long ass week and I needed to hit some shuttlecocks at some unsuspecting people to blow off some steam!

The day got even better as public transport decided not to co-operate and I got home at 7pm! Do you sense the sarcasm? Friday club usually starts at 7pm. Uh oh!

My husband was away so he wasn’t going to Friday club. I saw my sister in law leave to drop off the nets and rackets just as I was getting in. I slumped on the coach with no energy, wondering whether I should even bother going. My mother in law was tempting me with tasty treats and my sister in law was back home within minutes. I started getting comfortable.

Of course, I still managed to make it! I have a running joke with my husband. However tired he is, once he puts his badminton shorts on, there’s no stopping him! He says the same about my badminton shoes! On Friday it turned out to be true for me! Once I was in my badminton gear, there was no stopping me!

There weren’t that many people at Friday club this week. Me and my sister in law played a few games with people but spent the majority of the time playing singles with each other. We don’t like hanging about waiting in between games. If there is a free court, we’d rather use it!

We were marvelling at how much our reactions were improving while we played singles with each other! I was returning shots before my brain had even digested that they were coming my way! Finally, for the first time since I have started playing badminton, my reflexes had woken up and my racket was just shooting out intuitively. I’ve been waiting for that to happen!

I find playing singles a lot more difficult than playing doubles because you have to cover the whole court by yourself. At the beginning, I wasn’t enjoying it, but then when my reflexes decided to help me out and I found myself moving a lot more it was great! If anything, playing singles was making me quicker on the court! This is pretty good training I thought! Safe to say, we were exhausted and sweating loads! The other people at Friday club seemed curious about what we were doing so would join us occasionally for a doubles game or just watch in between their games.

We played with my husband’s cousins at one point on Friday evening. They were much better than us when we first started playing and hadn’t really played with us recently. When we first started playing we used to ask them to be nice and take it easy on us. They were still in that mode when they started playing with us on Friday. This changed pretty quickly! They were looking at us both in amazement as we launched shuttlecocks confidently at one another from the back of our respective sides of the court. ‘You guys have got so much better!’ they exclaimed. ‘That’s it, we’re playing properly now!’ Me and my sister in law laughed conspiratorially. ‘Little do they know, we go to coaching’ my sister in law whispered to me as we walked off the court later.

By the end of the night, I’d forgotten all about my work stress and I came home feeling nice and relaxed. I had some pasta left over from the day before so didn’t have to start cooking my dinner at 9:30 pm. Yay! I had a cheeky coconut magnum too. So yum! Winning at life I’d say! Hehe

These are so yum!

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