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34. Lunch time pondering

It’s lunch time at work and other than thinking about what to eat for lunch, I am thinking about playing badminton this evening.

Typical things that cross my mind before a no strings session:

  • Who else will be there?
  • Do I have a pair of clean ankle socks to wear? I think I washed a few so I should do..
  • Where are my favourite leggings? On my chair I think…
  • Will I have enough time to make and eat some dinner before I go?
  • I washed my face towel so I need to remember to put this in my badminton bag.
  • Is today going to be the day that I shower immediately afterwards rather than sit around procrastinating and then run upstairs 5 minutes before bedtime?
  • Why didn’t I take my badminton shoes out of my bag to let them get some air? I should do that tonight after I get back.

Badminton has definitely turned my life upside down! I would never have been thinking about the above a few months ago and now I try to plan my life around it!

First though, I need to get through my to do list at work so that I can enjoy my evening. I have a few contracts to draft and once I get them out, I’ll feel good! My colleagues and especially my boss are fascinated by the fact that I play badminton in the evenings. They are constantly asking me questions about it and my boss thinks I have an alter ego as a badminton player! We have a whiteboard called the ‘Board of Possibility’ at work on which we list deals we are expecting etc, my boss asked me if I wanted a little badminton corner on this and maybe I can give them a tip each week. What a great idea! Hehe.

I wonder if I’ll get any net kills tonight. I am getting a taste for them these days…

Also, I have been thinking, I know I eat whatever I want and I really enjoy that, but are there certain things that I could eat to help me? If I ate more protein – would that be beneficial with all this training? Would that help my muscles, give me energy and maintain strength? Yes I do have tiny muscles emerging. Go me! Also, I use a lot of energy when I play. Should I be replacing that and with what? I think I am going to have to do some research and maybe eat food that helps my body.

For now though, lunch will be a jacket potato with cheese and beans from the little shop opposite my office. I was late to work this morning and don’t think I should take a full lunch break. Also, it looks windy and miserable out there so I don’t mind a shorter break.

You’ll recall my husband was away this weekend so he didn’t come to Friday club. Guess what he was doing on Saturday? Coasteering! Navigating between jagged coastline on foot or by swimming! You can find out all about it here. It is pretty dangerous but cool. There are some awesome activities for outdoor adventurers in the UK! His declarations of love now make so much sense…


One thing I know was on his mind for sure though, was that he didn’t want to twist his ankle or damage his legs/feet as that would mean no more badminton for a while! Thankfully he has come back in one piece. Not that I was worried or anything….

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