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35. Crash, bang, wallop!

Since I have started playing badminton I have had a few injuries but nothing major.

My first one ever was when the shuttlecock came flying at me from behind and skimmed my face. It was a plastic one so felt like my face had been whipped. Only a few seconds of stinging before it subsided.

Once I was trying to run backwards to get behind a high shot and was not moving very elegantly when I lost balance and landed on my bum! That hurt a bit!

It’s quite lucky that we play with shuttlecocks because they are so light and when they hit you, they don’t really hurt. Rackets on the other hand are a different story! Last night I was playing with one of my favourite players and we were in the middle of an intense rally. I tend to move in the direction of the shuttlecock each time, even if it is going to go above me, just in case it doesn’t and I’m needed. I took a step back and she ran forward so we both happened to be in the same spot, when she whacked the shuttlecock with all her might, but also whacked my arm too! Pain shot through my arm, but I was too elated that we got the point to care! She was so apologetic bless her, but I really wasn’t that bothered!

My poor arm!

I used to take horse riding lessons and falling off a horse hurt much more! It actually made me see stars! So in comparison, this is nothing!

Later on when I was showering, I stood up (we have a random sloping ceiling above the bath) and bashed my head on the ceiling, which in turn meant that I lost my balance and nearly toppled out of the bath! You literally cannot make this stuff up. I felt like I was in a comedy sketch! Luckily my new ‘badminton reflexes’ meant that I managed to balance myself and ended up just hitting my thigh against the bath. Hello thigh muscles! I must have hit it pretty hard though because it is still very sore today! No bruise this morning thankfully. My arm looks fine too! Yay!

My sister in law had been holding her racket wrong for a while so that the handle hit her arm each time she moved it. She ended up with a massive bruise on her arm. Looks like the wrong technique can lead to injuries like that. My coach was telling me that people who don’t flick their wrist but use their whole arm end up injuring their elbow and straining parts of their arm due to the incorrect technique. This worried me a bit because I use my whole arm, so I need to stop doing that and concentrate on my wrist instead!

I was wondering whether I can still go to coaching tonight despite my sore left leg. Once I have my badminton shoes on though, there’s no stopping me! I am looking forward to what we learn tonight. Hopefully no injuries tonight for clumsy pants over here!


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