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40. Monday night Badminton…and I’m back!!

You’ll all be pleased to know that I ate all weekend in order to replenish the energy I lost last week! I wanted my body to feel back to normal so that I could play badminton as I normally do this week!

Mixed grill – obviously I needed protein!

I went for lunch with my family and decided I needed a lot of protein! It was so delicious! I think I did a good job of making up for that one day last week when I couldn’t eat…

So last night I went to the no strings badminton session as usual. You know how the usual problem with no strings on a Monday is that we don’t have enough people? Last night we had far too many people! Some people were late so their spaces were given to others…then they turned up! Awkward…

British manners mean I usually hang about politely and let others play while I wait, but considering I had a bad session on Friday and there were so many people there last night, I decided to just go for it whenever possible! My games were not constant, but I did have a couple of competitive ones which I enjoyed. There were two free courts on the opposite side to where we play, so when I saw a bunch of us just standing around, I seized the opportunity and went to play there too!

I play with a lot of family members at Friday club and they have now also started coming on a Monday. I enjoy playing badminton and it is nice to see family members there, but we all seem to be going to the same sessions! I am concerned that if I keep playing with the same people and keep having friendly games, I won’t improve. I do like spending time with them and I remember when I was new to badminton, it was nice that people gave me a chance, so I like to do the same, but I think I will have to play more and elsewhere in order to challenge myself. I would like to play different people…

I have another reason for wanting to play so much…I have my first ever badminton tournament this Friday! It’s not a serious one, it is a friendly one at the Friday club and I am super excited!! There is a part of me that doesn’t want to let anyone down, but a bigger part of me is looking forward to all the games!! I wonder who I will get paired with? Names will be picked out of a hat. I really hope I get someone who is both good at badminton but also nice, so I won’t feel guilty if I miss any shots. Of course I am planning on going in full throttle and giving it my best!

My games were going really well last night and I found myself playing at the back of the court quite a bit. I am getting stronger and more agile at the back which is nice! I have group coaching tonight so I am hoping to build on my technique some more! I wonder what we will learn today!

I don’t usually go to no strings badminton on a Wednesday, but considering there is a tournament on Friday and I want to play with different people, I think I should get all the practice that I can! Also, I find that, the more I play – the better my reflexes get which will only help me on Friday!

I was a lot happier with how I played last night. I felt like I was on fire and was elated with how well I was playing! I hadn’t eaten a massive meal beforehand so that didn’t slow me down. I felt intoxicated by the rallies during my competitive games and could not stop myself from grinning  and laughing as I swung my racket and leaped back into position, ready for the next target! I was moving around much more! I really hope I play like this on Friday!

Eating all weekend definitely paid off as my energy level felt back to normal last night and I felt more like myself when I was playing! Here I am, indulging in one of my favourite traditional ice creams this weekend. The flavour was ‘malai’ which literally means cream. Yummy! Nothing like sugar and milk to get you ready for a week of badminton! Hehe.


Clearly the combination of lots of meat..I mean protein… and ice cream…I mean glucose worked! I felt awesome yesterday!

The organiser of no strings badminton said he won’t let people take other people’s reserved spaces next time which should avoid there being too many people and such few games from now on. I am looking forward to next week then, when hopefully I’ll be able to play more games! I don’t like sitting out for too long as your body cools down and then you risk injuring yourself!

I spoke to my best friend about training to run in order to build up speed and stamina yesterday. She is a personal trainer and also knows my background and the fact that I have never been into sport, so I knew she would give me good advice. She has advised me to run for 20 seconds and walk for 40 seconds. I am to repeat this 10 times and do this as often as possible. This seems doable! I’m quite excited about doing this and seeing how it impacts my badminton!

Exciting times ahead!!

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