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41. Wednesday night badminton and my Xiaomi Mi Band 2

This is a picture of the sky on our way home from work yesterday. Doesn’t it look beautiful?! Winter is definitely on its way as it gets darker in the evenings. Yesterday evening I went to no strings badminton instead of having a rest day. I was pretty tired but figured I needed practice for the tournament. The nice thing about the Wednesday session is that it is from 7pm to 9pm so you still feel like you have a bit of an evening afterwards and can get to bed earlier…well that’s the idea anyway. I struggle with going to sleep straight away after badminton. I guess energy levels are high and you want to reflect on how you played. Once I managed to get myself upstairs, showered and in bed, my body was so grateful!

I learnt some tough lessons yesterday. I played well and enjoyed the session. We didn’t have too many people which was good and meant we had the chance to play pretty consistently. I was told to find my mean streak though. I remember when I started playing, I would always try to strike the shuttlecock down and get the point. I then moved away from this and tried to play better and work with my partner. Somehow in all of this, I stopped trying to get the point which is the whole darn point of the game! By the end of the night I found a smidgen of my mean streak, but boy I need to pull out much more than that!

Also, as I have been playing friendlier games recently so I have been playing more side to side and at the back rather than at the front, so I am forgetting what to do at the front. I was quite pleased at one point during the session though, when a rather strong player asked me to cover him at the back. I have never been asked to do that by a strong player before. I am always sent to the front! Even better, I was able to cover him well and get a couple of points! Yes, one of those was due to confusion between the opponents on whose shot it was, but hey I’m going to take it! Also, I need to look for gaps and hit the shuttlecock into them! I think I have been focusing on being able to return the shuttlecock for so long that I have lost the hunger to get the point! I need to get this back by Friday!

The players at yesterday’s session were all a bit better than me and my sister in law which was really good for us. The games were more challenging and I couldn’t afford to be lazy and make mistakes. I think I need to keep going to this session whenever possible in order to improve. I need to be pushed out of my comfort zone!

At Tuesday’s group coaching session my coach told me that my backhand is better than my forehand. I was baffled by this as I have never used it in a game. The next time I’m playing is during the tournament on Friday though…can I afford to experiment?

I have been wanting a Fitbit for the longest time. My husband found an alternative so he got both us a Xiaomi Mi band 2. He has been using his band for a little while now and seems pleased with it. He monitors his sleep and heart rate with it. I wanted to see how many steps I take on a normal day and how many more I take when I play badminton while also monitoring my heart rate. Also, I am convinced that I don’t get enough sleep so I am looking forward to tracking that too.


I have been wearing my band since Monday and on the first day it was insightful. My number of steps and heart rate did increase during badminton. The number of steps in particular increased significantly during badminton, which I will detail further in a separate review of the band. Quite amusingly my heart rate went up every time I ate something too! One issue I had was that my phone did not have enough memory for me to download the app, so this week I have not been utilising the band to it’s full potential. This also meant that the number of steps could not be reset each day, so was just accumulating. Post Monday, I was just using the band to track my heart rate as I needed the app to do anything else!


The band itself is black and quite sleek. I find that it fits in well with my wardrobe and I quite like wearing it. The display is quite small but functional. It tells me the time, number of steps and my heart rate. Very clever little band!

On a separate note, I have been wanting to book badminton courts at my local leisure centre for a while so that I can practice on my own. My online login never seems to work so I have to call the centre and it is a nightmare to get through to them. I call relentlessly but sometimes this means that the courts get booked and I miss out! So annoying! This week I have really been pursuing this, obtaining my pin number, password and any relevant membership numbers. Whatever I tried, I just could not log in! Finally I spoke to someone at the leisure centre and decided I would clarify every single one of my details with them because something is not right. Turns out there was a stray letter in my email address on their system which is why I could not log on! This angel fixed it for me, so I ran back to my desk and finally I was in! This means I can book my sessions without calling multiple times and I can book courts whenever I feel like it. I cannot stop grinning, so happy!

Today I decided I want the Mi Fit and court booking apps on my phone I so started looking at my phone’s storage to figure out how to make some space. I have deleted every picture possible so that’s not an option. Then I saw that Snapchat is taking a huge chunk of space. I love all the filters and sending silly pictures to my friends so what am I going to do?!

Bye random heart filter!

I mean, who doesn’t like having random hearts floating around their head? So despite how much I love all the filters, I made a choice. Badminton and fitness are more important than Snapchat…so I deleted it. Gulp. I know, it’s hard to believe! My friends are shocked. I have changed! It’s OK though as I still have Instagram! Also, now I can track my steps, heart rate, sleep and book badminton courts! Totally worth it, my band has been paired with the app and is now giving so much useful information!

The Mi Fit app can also be connected to the scales my husband bought recently so I am super excited to pair the scales with my app when I get home! Then I can keep track of my weight too!

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