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46. A tennis ball in badminton!

The split step is something that has been mentioned to me on various occasions, but I have never really understood it. If asked to do it I would jump on the spot before heading in the direction of the shuttlecock. This seemed like a huge waste of time and energy to me. Turns out, I was doing it wrong!

Matt, the guy I showed you guys a few posts ago, showed me the split step, but this time it actually made sense. He wanted me to jump a little (not a massive jump), end up with my feet further apart, body a bit lower and feet pointing in the direction I was heading in, before I move towards the shuttlecock.

In order to help me learn this, he stood near the net and dropped a tennis ball and I had to do the split step and chasse towards the ball to catch it. I didn’t catch the tennis ball on the first bounce, but I did get faster each time and was catching it on the second bounce.

We only did this exercise for a few minutes, but it was enough for me to realise that the split step could be a very powerful tool in making me move quicker and more efficiently around the court. All I need is a tennis ball, so I think I will try to do this exercise with a partner, maybe my sister in law? It would help us both!

Who knew that a tennis ball could be so useful in badminton?!

Also, I must say that even though I really like my group coach, there is definitely a language barrier and I don’t understand everything he wants me to do. Matt explained what he wanted me to do in a couple of seconds and I understood it. Granted, I had to actually practice to understand the usefulness of it.

My group coach has gone on holiday for 6 weeks now! He will be missed. I think my husband is happy to take over from him while he is away, which will be interesting! I wonder what we will learn…

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