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47. Hair and badminton diet update!

So I have had my shorter hair for just over a month now and to be honest, I am loving it! It is so easy to look after and maintain. It looks and feels a lot healthier. Although, I can’t say I don’t miss my long locks sometimes, of course I do and I look forward to welcoming them back at some point.

One annoying thing is, I think I cut my hair too short because I can’t tie it all up, well not to my satisfaction anyway as I like it right at the top of my head. I have found a way around this though, I put a dragon clip or pins on the stray bits at the bottom so they’re out of my way too.

My hair doesn’t bother me much when I play badminton now, which is great. It also takes less time to wash and dries in a mere 15 minutes! Yay!! Happy days. I’ve also noticed that it is still semi decent when I let it loose after badminton as opposed to how crazy it used to be before.

I still put oil in my hair now and then because I am still subjecting it to sweat so it needs looking after!

For those wondering how my badminton diet is going…well very bad! I am still eating everything! On Saturday I went to the Cheese Festival in Birmingham and it was amazing!



I ate macaroni cheese (yum) and halloumi fries (double yum!) I also had a mango and passion fruit cheesecake which was pretty good. I had such a fantastic time but felt like a bloated goat afterwards! All in all, that was very fun! If you like cheese I recommend it! Can you see the excitement on my face?!



Then yesterday it was my birthday, so I ate thai food (yummy) and went to watch a funny play with the other half. I came back to freshly baked cookies and halloumi fries! Yummy! My little sister in law outdid herself! The cookies literally melted in my mouth. That might have been because I hadn’t let them cool down….

Sweet and sour chicken!
My sister in law made halloumi fries!

Today I came into work and my colleague had also baked me a cake! So of course I ate lots of it! Lucky me! It tasted even better than it looked!


So it’s been all fun and games, or should I say cheese and cake this week! I haven’t played much badminton this week, which probably has not been good for me- uh oh. I have missed it and am really looking forward to working off some of this naughty food tomorrow at Friday badminton club!

I’ll update you guys on how much this food and no practice slowed me down………..



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