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48. Badminton update

At Friday club last week, my husband taught me a valuable lesson at the net. I played against him and he wanted me to step to his net drops, hitting them down rather than straight back to him. He did this relentlessly!

I missed most of them frustratingly and when I did finally start stepping to them and getting them, I was hitting them straight back to him, so he could catch me out with yet more drops at the opposite side of the net! I was getting exhausted with the effort of moving from one corner of the net to the other and then back again. What I didn’t realise was, that I was enabling him to do this!

On reflection I thought, why on earth didn’t I hit them down? I intercept them far too low, I wait for the shuttlecock to come right down before I hit it back. I really need to get there way quicker and take control of the shuttlecock! Even though I was frustrated and a bit pissed, at myself more than anything, I did learn an important lesson! Place the shuttlecock somewhere else, try to hit it down!

I had missed three consecutive Monday badminton sessions until this week. So understandably I couldn’t wait to go this Monday, as I had really missed it! I was worried though, because I think I have slowed down a bit from lack of practice and I didn’t want to play badly.

It was quite the opposite though. I wasn’t faster than usual, but I was hitting the shuttlecock with a bit more technique and using a bit more strategy which worked out really well for me. I won most of my games on Monday evening which did give me a little confidence boost. Yay! Not playing had given me time to reflect on technique and I was actually trying to use it.

My husband came into the session towards the end to give us a ride home and watched us play. He took pictures and even made a cool GIF. I would love to post the GIF on here so you guys can see it, but my site won’t allow me! I need to figure out a way!

Later my husband made two comments on what he saw. I was anticipating some criticism, but I was pleasantly surprised! He said me and my sister in law had good positioning at one point when the shuttlecock was high and I was pushed to the back of the court while she moved towards the front. Yay us!

ready to hit it

He also said I was kind of doing the right thing when hitting an overhead ‘shot’ from the back of the court, as I pushed off with my left leg and moved my right leg forward with the motion. This is big praise coming from him and even though we lost that game, I felt really good about it, because I feel I am starting to do some things correctly.

I love playing at the back of the court at the moment. I realise this is because I have more time to get to the shuttlecock. Not good enough! I will continue to practice being at the front of the court until I OWN it….which at the moment I clearly don’t! Haha, but hey I’ve got a fire in my belly, time to use it constructively!

chilling at back
Love it at the back of the court!

I’m playing again tonight with better players. Time to implement some of what I’ve learnt!

4 thoughts on “48. Badminton update

  1. Badminton as a sport needs more attention and it is so refreshing to see a blog on my favorite sport. I am sure there are other badminton lovers out there who would love to be a part of the community. Thanks so much for sharing.


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