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49. Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow! Let’s still play badminton though!

Oh my goodness I am approaching 50 posts. How on earth did that happen?! So exciting! I wrote this piece last Tuesday would you believe it, and have not had a chance to publish it! So I’ll update it slightly so it makes sense!

So we had heavy snow Sunday before last – so much that I got snowed in. I was visiting my parents so couldn’t travel back to the town I live in and also could not make it to my Sunday morning badminton session. I was really looking forward to that Sunday’s session so was gutted to miss it, but everything looked so pretty covered in a white blanket!


In the end I gave in to the snow, put my wellies on and went out to have some fun! Me and my brother made a snowman. I felt much stronger than in previous years when I was scooping up the snow for my snowman. Maybe all this badminton has made me stronger?! My snowman was inspired by the guy that I won the tournament with, so I gave the snowman a mohawk! Hehe. Okay it was a happy accident, but one I found quite amusing!

Excuse my batman pyjamas! I love how snow brings people together. Most of the neighbourhood stopped by to watch us make the snowman or to pitch in and help!

My husband collected me in his car that evening, as he is a much more experienced driver than me. I have never driven in snow – we don’t get it often! We’ve had snow like this after 4, maybe 5 years! So I left my car outside my parents house and off I went with him!

The ground was quite icy last Monday evening, but that didn’t stop me from going to badminton! I put my waterproof hiking boots on and off I went! Boy am I glad I did! The session went so well!

My first 6 games were really fast paced and intense, but I thrived on this! Looks like I play better when the pace is faster, as a slow pace just slows me and my reaction times down. Of course, I wasn’t as fast as some of the others. but I did pretty well.

I played against a woman who kept serving to me at just the right height for me to hit the shuttlecock straight down. This was so satisfying as I never do this! I also returned a couple of serves really softly to the opposite side which were missed because my opponent wasn’t expecting them! I was so pleased! I am mixing up the way I play so that I am less predictable.

I got the opportunity to practice net shots a hell of a lot last Monday evening and I felt like I really improved. I can’t lie, I didn’t get all of them, but I felt I was getting to them much quicker and I did return quite a few of them. Yay!! Little increments of improvement make me very happy because I feel they add up to make your improve on the whole!

I also made a new friend at badminton last week. We played a couple of games together. She usually plays tennis so she hit the shuttlecock in a very different way – more a swing, but sometimes this worked for her. We worked well together and I really enjoyed playing both with her and against her. Admittedly she was the one serving to me at just the right height for me to hit the shuttlecock straight down… bad…..she did eventually stop doing this though, so I guess you could say I helped her?

Time stops for no-one and so Monday comes around again. I wonder how tonight’s session will go?

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