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53. I could not play badminton last week…period, but bring on this week!

Last week I played very little badminton hence no update. I played on Monday but then wasn’t feeling up to it for the rest of the week. My energy was at an all time low, I didn’t feel well enough on Monday either but the fighter in me just carried on.

And what was up with me you may ask? My period. There, I said it. My period hits me hard. Everyone suffers in their own way, some with less pain and symptoms, some with more. I take this knock every month and it is difficult! I often wonder about women in sport – what do they do? Does this set them back in their training or do they take the pill and be done with it?

I can’t be done with it you see, because somewhere amongst playing badminton I want a little badminton baby too. Wow this post has got personal, but do you always want to hear about wrist flicks and shuttlecock spins? Maybe you do, but today I am baring my soul and talking about something controversial. But, why should period be controversial? It is something very normal and natural that happens to almost all women!

Skipping has been on hold too, but well my period is almost over now so this week will be jam packed full of your favourite activity – badminton! I do hope I haven’t forgotten what I’m doing. Is it just me, or does everyone get a bit anxious when they sit out?

And skipping, my old nemesis I can’t put you off any longer either. My amazon package with the skipping rope in it has been eyeing me up from the corner of my room all week. I can almost hear the judgement through the cardboard packaging.

I used to hate skipping as a child. My mum bought me a skipping rope and would make me skip in the garden to lose weight – I was a rather chubby kid. Memories of sweaty palms and rubbish co-ordination while longing to swap for the hula hoop come to mind. I will have to push that all aside and pick a skipping rope up once more! In my mind I will be skipping like Hillary Swank in million dollar baby…

million dollar baby

Yes this is totally what it will be like…..

One good thing about my period and sitting out of badminton is that it fuels my fire and my desire to do better and to train harder when I’m back to normal.

On a side note, Friday before last hardly anyone turned up to Friday club so I helped set up the courts….turns out I don’t know where to put the net posts. How shameful! I put them roughly where I think they go….


Then my husband showed me where they should actually be!


This made sense because the lines help us judge what is in and out! Silly me. Also, there wouldn’t be enough space for the net! I guess the learning continues, on and off court!

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