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54. Badminton High

My last two sessions of badminton have been really good. Like seriously good. This really makes up for my time out and other times when I have felt like I am not improving.

On the Friday before last I had a mixed level of games. My warm up was with a beginner so a bit slow but I didn’t mind. I started off there myself. I played some games which were slow. some which were my standard and some above my standard. I did have one moment of complete exhilaration though and my group coach would have been so so proud if he was there.


Ok -rewind. So I was playing a game against two people who are quite a bit better than me and my partner was the guy I won the tournament with – so much stronger than me. He was encouraging me to move much more and I was trying. It was a mixed bag- sometimes I was doing well and sometimes not. I’m just being completely honest. Then it came to match point. We needed this point to win. It was a good rally to be honest. It went on for some time as I was actually keeping it going from the front instead of letting it end too soon. Then it came to the last three ‘shots.’ This chinese woman opposite me (who is lovely by the way) is much better than me. Also, I always let myself down on the third ‘shot.’ Either I lose focus or they catch me out. You know what happened this time though? I stepped forward on the third return to her and I used the little slicing motion that the coach teaches us. The shuttlecock toppled gently over the net and we won the game. My partner could not believe his eyes- had he just seen that. I couldn’t believe it either. I have practiced that move soo many times in coaching but have never ever used it deliberately in a game. Woohoo!!

Last week at the Monday session I wasn’t expecting much. I had driven back from my mums and was a bit tired and not really in the mood to play, but of course I still went. Then my racket decided to act like part of my arm. My reflexes decided to play ball and well I was on fire. I couldn’t believe how I was playing. The better players were actually enjoying their games with me rather than humouring me. I wasn’t making it easy for the opposition to get points – they had to work for them. There were some brilliant rallies, the kind that make you move all over the court and make you push the boundaries of technique, reflexes and focus.

I came home on a complete badminton high!

Slight confession, I wrote the above post last Tuesday and have only just managed to post it as I get ready for tonight’s Monday session. I hope today’s session is just as good as last week’s!

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