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57. Ramadan and badminton

So the month of Ramadan (fasting) is well underway. 26 days down, 4 to go, but who is counting? It is a very special month for us as it really does bring the family together and makes you appreciate what you have. My badminton diet is not going so well because in the evenings when we open our fast I eat everything in sight!

I’m not playing badminton at the moment because with no water I don’t think it would be wise. Also, badminton sessions are always around the time that we open our fast, so it doesn’t really work. (I miss badminton)

I am worried about my muscle mass (because of course I have sooo much muscle hehe) decreasing, so when I am eating, I try to eat protein rich food. Do chicken mayo sandwiches count because I love chicken mayo sandwiches!

My grand master plan was to still train during this time, but on a lower level in my room and closer to the time when we can eat, so that I can replenish lost energy quite quickly afterwards. How has this worked out so far? Not well. By the time I get in from work, chop fruit for the family and make something to eat – my whole evening has gone! I need to manage my time better.


To be honest the fruit salad is delicious and something I want to continue making and eating after Ramadan. Maybe the badminton diet will improve…

I did manage some sort of exercise/training for a total of 8 minutes before I passed out the other day. That was just me darting from one end of my room to the other! Haha. I must have looked like a right loon! If I keep doing that I should get quicker though! You see, the last time I played badminton was alongside my husband at Friday club many weeks ago and he told me I don’t move enough. I am pretty sure he always tells me this, but for the first time, I felt like I could see my inactive self just standing in the middle of the court like a sloth, waiting for the shuttlecock to come to me and I was appalled. For the rest of the game I tried to move more and it did improve my game a bit, but I obviously need much more practice! It won’t happen overnight.

During that last Friday club session my sister-in-law fell and sprained her ankle pretty bad. She couldn’t move at first, but eventually made it to a bench with some ice. I went off to play a game and returned to see that she had ditched the ice and was playing a game! Needless to say the next few days were excruciating for her and a trip to the hospital revealed that it would take 6 weeks for her ankle to heal. With us not being able to play badminton for 4 of those weeks due to Ramadan – the timing wasn’t as bad as it could have been.

We are setting up some badminton sessions with my colleagues at work soon so I am looking forward to those! More badminton can only mean more practice, which is always a good thing! Also, I work with someone who used to play county level many years ago and I am so curious to see her play! Badminton is like a secret weapon, we see people living their normal lives, doing their daily tasks, having no idea that they are a secret badminton pro! Maybe I can learn a thing or two from her? I am always keen to learn!

In other news, lack of badminton and over indulging in the evenings when we can eat, mean I am slowly turning into a potato! I never realised I would miss badminton this much! Not only does it help me be a not so big potato, it also serves as great stress relief!



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