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58. The day badminton training destroyed me

Last night I went to my old Tuesday badminton coaching session…after 6/7 weeks. I wasn’t too worried as I used to go all the time and even though it could be challenging, it was never hard work.

Last night, very few people came so the coach focussed his full attention on 3 of us…that coupled with the fact I had had no exercise for a month meant that the 2 hour session completely destroyed me!

I was so tired after just my warm up. What on earth?! How confusing. I was seduced by the tight strings of a new Victor racket that I had bought as a backup in case one of ours breaks, so I used that racket for the first hour of training. I’m not experienced enough to know the difference between rackets so I couldn’t feel any difference.

An hour into the session when it felt like my arm was going to fall off, I went back to my badminton bag and swapped back to my old Yonex racket which felt like a feather at this point. Flipping seduction of shiny new racket which I know nothing about!

I did so many drills that I almost passed out with exhaustion. It was good for me, but I was far too tired to make the most of it. After my first couple of drills I slumped on a chair while the others did their drills. Usually I would use this time to practice something by myself,. but I couldn’t even carry myself on to the next court.

Eventually towards the end, before my final drill, I decided to practice my serve as it has been so long since I’ve done it. So that went pretty badly. I’ve completely forgotten how to do it. I was serving to my invisible opponent too high or too short. WTF?

Completely confused and sweating profusely I refused to stop until my serve was at least a little lower. I managed to get my serve a bit lower, but not to the standard I like so I basically need to practice it a hell of a lot to get it back.

Don’t get me started on the ready position. My glutes are on fire today! I’ve woken up this morning feeling like I’ve boxed 12 rounds with Tyson. Everything hurts – I have bruises on my arms. Arghhh!



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