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59. An official title…

So much has and hasn’t happened since I have last updated you all! I am so sorry for being absent for so long, I hope you didn’t miss me too much! We have been having a cracker of a heatwave in the UK and I have been enjoying it an incredible amount (except the lack of sleep, boiling hot car seats, sunburn and not being able to play badminton properly!)

So unsurprisingly today it has cooled down considerably and I am writing again! I am also looking forward to playing badminton at a slightly cooler temperature so that my energy doesn’t feel like it is being sapped constantly! I would run towards the doors between every game! Although, some days there was no breeze at all, so this made no difference!

A couple of weeks ago we had our annual general meeting at the Friday club. I bought lots of ice cream (on behalf of the chairman – my husband) for everyone and Masako (the treasurer and all round fantastic person) bought lots of drinks and snacks for everyone.

My husband was voted back in as chairman. Masako remains the treasurer as she is so good at it. Our little cousin Amaan even became deputy chairman – with great power comes great responsibility! Oh and wait for it….I became the secretary. How did this happen? Well the current secretary – Rory – who is also pretty darn good at it, is moving house and doesn’t wish to continue. He said this and then looked around, there was an awkward silence, I finished my Pringles, wiped excess salt off my fingers and looked around. No response. So I did what I always do – I filled the awkward silence! I was saying ‘I’ll do it’ before I even knew what was happening – next thing I know, I am the secretary for the club! Now what does this mean? I guess I’ll be writing the emails which go out to all the members to update them on Friday club business. As my husband is the chairman of the Friday club, he loved that I will now be his secretary – I had to clarify many times that I am the secretary for the club – not him! An official title at the Friday badminton club – wowzers! 🙂

In other news, I went back to group coaching a couple of times and the coach has been teaching me to use my wrist on an overhead clear. I was appalling at this so kept getting bruises on my arm! The racket handle should not be hitting my arm! I finally grasped that the racket handle should be facing away, but I need to practice it a lot! When I do it correctly I hear a very satisfying thwack! When I don’t do it correctly, I hear a very disappointing blip. My wrist is not accustomed to this type of movement so I need a LOT of practice! I want to hear thwack, not blip.

My bruised arm 😦






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