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60. Thunderclap!

The Monday before last, I went to a Monday badminton session after so many weeks! There were only 8 people including me so there was no such thing as a cool down or a break in between games!

I played a couple of games with the usual people and was really enjoying myself. I saw there was someone new on the other court, but didn’t have much time to really take note.

After my fourth game, I decided to take a breather as I felt exhausted. At that point I got dragged into a men’s game. Yes that’s right, a men’s game. I really did not want to play. Firstly they were a lot stronger than me and much better players. Secondly, I felt like an overheated slightly dying car. Not the best way to feel before a really intense game. Everyone knows, being the only woman in a men’s game is hard work!

The three of them stood there looking around and well there wasn’t much they could do without a fourth so I got up and joined them reluctantly, warning my partner that I am feeling really tired.

I now noticed the player (Carl) who I will soon name Thunderclap and couldn’t really assess his abilities as he stood opposite me. He looked friendly enough. I noticed the brightly coloured badminton shoes….and the badminton kit which showed this wasn’t a casual player…hmm.

Then Carl bought the thunder – seriously. He effortlessly glided opposite me around the court and all I could hear was the crack of thunder as he returned shuttle after shuttle. My partner was smashing them at him with all his might and thunderclap was just effortlessly sending thunderclaps back his way. In that game I didn’t see him miss many shots. It felt like he had complete control of the game.

Then in my fatigued state I returned a serve of his in such a way that it skittered across the top of the net, spun a little, changed direction and dropped somewhere completely different to where it was headed. It was the strangest fluke I have ever witnessed. My partner praised it no end and Thunderclap commented on it several times whilst scolding himself for not guessing where it may end up.

I was baffled, I have no idea how it happened. It was not some sort of a trick shot like they all thought it was. It was a complete fluke, probably aided by the fact that I just about reach the net!

I played alongside Thunderclap later too and he was so lovely to us less capable players. I could tell he was taking it easy this time as I didn’t hear a single clap of thunder whilst I  knew full well he can bring the thunder when he chooses to.

4 thoughts on “60. Thunderclap!

    1. Hi Sonia, lovely to hear from you. The badminton academy sounds interesting. Do you train there at the moment? Congratulations on your gold medals! Very impressive. I hope to see your name when you play internationally. 🙂


    1. Hi Tommy! I hope you enjoy playing badminton in university. Sounds fun! I have had a long break, but I am playing again so will be writing again! Thank you so much for reading! 🙂


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