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61. Learning how to serve has served me well…

If there is one thing I am really happy to have given my time and attention to learning, it is serving because time and time again this has been so useful to me. Other players always comment on my serve too which is nice to hear. Lack of practice for a while had made it not so good, but it’s getting back there.

I’ve started playing badminton on Saturdays too in a place 25 minutes from where I live, which I think shows commitment. It’s also a nice way to start the weekend. We have a coach, Malcolm who watches us and tells us where we can improve which is so handy.

During the first session, he wanted to see our skill level and seemed pleasantly surprised…even with me. Apparently I had good hand eye co-ordination and I was hitting lots back. (He hasn’t seen how weak I am at the net yet…)

He did something interesting, he put two baskets on the opposite sides of the court to see how good or bad we are at serving close to the net. He wanted us to serve as low as possible. When he showed us what he wanted us to do…his serves made it close to the basket, but the shuttlecock didn’t actually land in the basket…

I was a little nervous when it was my turn because I’ve never been tested on my serve. All of my serves landed near the basket or bounced off the rim of the basket. I glanced at him, he seemed impressed. Then, my serves starting landing in the basket! Oh the joy!! He said he thought I was good at serving. I was so full of joy, I felt like I would explode!

Serving near the net – this is my thing! 😉

Later when he wanted to demonstrate returning serves, guess who he called to serve to him? Me!! I have never been called up to assist with demonstrations before! I was beaming as I served to him!

I then served to the next person so that they could practice net kills, but Malcolm quickly took me off because apparently I was a little too good at serving and the other guy couldn’t kill the shuttlecock. Malcolm’s words, not mine. I walked off the court with a little smile tugging at my lips, not because I was happy that the other guy couldn’t return my serves (even though he had smashed nearly every single shuttlecock at me during a previous game), but because I was considered good at something and I felt proud.

As they say, with the good comes the bad. I also discovered that I cannot serve high and long to save my life. That basket was empty! Looks like it is only a low serve that I am good at. I need to work on my high serve I guess! There is always work to be done.

Serving to the back was a nightmare though!

P.s. guess who won singles right at the end? Ahem, me! How, you ask? Well I did a couple of soft returns which were missed and the guy that smashes didn’t get to them in time. Teehee. 🙂

3 thoughts on “61. Learning how to serve has served me well…

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