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62 This sore bicep of mine….

Towards the end of October I injured my right arm – my racket arm and that made me pretty sad. I can’t pinpoint exactly what caused the injury because multiple things happened at around the same time. All when I was ready to ramp up my training too! So it has been pretty quiet on this end. 😦

Basically I slipped on a batman cape (not even joking!) and fell into a cupboard – I know that sounds minor, but my right arm took most of the force. Ouch. It felt tender and painful the whole evening, but I wasn’t too sure of how much I had injured it…

The next day was a Saturday…so I went to play badminton in the afternoon…..not a great idea in hindsight! My arm seemed ok then too….well a little sore but nothing that stopped me from playing. I even did some backhand ‘shot’s’ with a cover on the head of my racket so that when I practiced backhand without the cover – it felt much lighter and became a lot easier. Unorthodox method, but it worked.


Then, you know what they say – bad decisions come in sets of three….or is that busses? Anyway, then I went to the gym and used weights which were far too heavy for me so my right arm just gave in. For the last three weeks I have been struggling to text, let alone cook and drive myself to work – the normal things that I took for granted. I still managed to cook with my left hand and by using my elbow to pivot my right hand towards oven trays and pans…funny how you get creative in these situations. I found lots of alternative ways of doing things so I could continue with my life. I got through work every day by holding a mug of boiling water against my arm (as you can see in the picture above) to relieve the pain for a little while. Most people drink tea….


My swollen bicep has calmed down quite a bit now and my tendon has decided not to be a giant writhing snake in my arm so that unscrewing bottle tops doesn’t make me break into a painful sweat. I really have missed living close to my family at this point as even washing my hair has been a struggle. Ah the days when my mum would wash my hair in the sink when I was sick! Cue – hair up and hats.

I have still managed to cook meals and drop them off to my husband and his friend as they renovate a house we bought some time ago in the evenings. I then come home and nurse my arm for a little while.

All of this has made me think that the human body is so amazing – look at how it recovers from damage?! I feel very grateful to be able to text and drive again without pain now. It has literally been a day or two since I have stopped feeling constant pain. I still get the odd tingle or jolt, but I am happy. Stretches really help. Definitely an area that deserves more focus – I feel the stretches have accelerated my recovery.

I am going to ease myself back into badminton slowly now, but I am hoping I am not too rusty. Practice improves movement, reflexes, technique – all of which I feel I have had to put on the shelf for the last three weeks. Oh well, I started at the bottom once before, I can do it again. Maybe this time off will have given me some perspective and I’ll play amazingly – a girl can dream!

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