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64. I’m back!!! MIND THE GAP!

Hi guys, so if the title didn’t give it away I’ll confirm it now – I AM BACK! I am playing badminton again and it feels so good!!

I am sorry for my long absence. They say absence makes the heart grow fonder, so I certainly hope that is the case. Thank you so much to those of you who have been reading and waiting for my next post. I am so grateful. Your messages are very much appreciated and I love that people all over the world read this blog. I feel so humbled!! #turns a deep shade of purple#

Well I can finally say I am injury free. My foot and my arm have healed, so I am back on the court. I have lost some power as I haven’t been practicing as much and I have definitely noticed that my reflexes are slower than they used to be. While I grit my teeth thinking of the work I need to do to get me back to the level I felt I was once at, some positive developments have occurred.

My husband used to always explain to me that to be consistent in the way I play was more important than going for the winning ‘shot.’ I never really understood this – I used to try to end the rally and win the point. My focus has completely shifted now and I find my games are VERY different as a result.

I now try to consistently hit the shuttlecock back over the net while keeping a keen eye open for any gaps so the other team have to work hard. I absolutely love finding a big old gap! Ah simple pleasures in life! I am also more conscious of where I am placed on the court so that I can attempt a suitable return. As a result I have noticed that the rallies in my games last much longer because I am playing more consistently and am a more reliable partner for whoever I am playing with than I used to be.


I now fight for every point rather than trying to achieve it quickly and I make the other team really fight for it. At the end we are all exhausted, but with big grins on our faces because we’ve had some fantastic rallies.

I must admit, badminton and the thrill of it has completely changed for me now. Now I want to play long, drawn out, hard fought rallies where each point really counts. It isn’t about winning anymore. I don’t see the point if each point wasn’t fought for! Obviously I still like to win. That hasn’t changed!

Sweat trickling off your face as you refuse to let the other team take the point so easily. I have come to love the beautiful dance that is the back and forth of badminton. It is a recent development and one that I really like.

So I may not smash it to the floor… I may just tire you out gently while waiting for a gap to emerge for the shuttlecock to land in. I find those wins just as delicious! So, mind the gap! :p


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