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24. My no strings session

So this post almost didn't make it on here. Can you guess why? I didn't have a picture for it. Simple as that. So my legend of a husband took this picture during his badminton session tonight. Here you can see some of the elite players, having one of their exclusive sessions and it has absolutely… Continue reading 24. My no strings session

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22. Tuesday night training

Before I go any further, where are my feet pointing in this picture?! Cringe!! They need to be pointing forward towards the shuttlecock! Good that I have bent my knees and my racket is up but seriously, sort out those feet! Two days late, but better than never. I thought I would update you all… Continue reading 22. Tuesday night training

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18. My babolat beauties

So for my first couple of months of playing badminton I played in my normal trainers (sneakers). They are a pair of lovely, soft, flexible trainers which I wear for normal gym sessions.  Not too snug and not too loose. Pretty soon though my husband started telling me that I can't wear them to badminton… Continue reading 18. My babolat beauties