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29. Decathlon love!

In my last post you'll recall that my favourite pairs of leggings to play badminton in were in the wash, so I had to wear something else. This in turn meant that I wasn't as comfortable and secure as I like to be while playing, which was distracting. Also, I like playing badminton in oversized… Continue reading 29. Decathlon love!

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21. My first badminton racket – Yonex Arc Saber FD

Taking up a sport like badminton means I need a whole host of items to facilitate it, which I never needed before. Cue my badminton wishlist! As you can see from one of my previous posts - 18. My babolat beauties¬† I needed specific shoes which I waited a couple of months to buy. So… Continue reading 21. My first badminton racket – Yonex Arc Saber FD