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59. An official title…

So much has and hasn't happened since I have last updated you all! I am so sorry for being absent for so long, I hope you didn't miss me too much! We have been having a cracker of a heatwave in the UK and I have been enjoying it an incredible amount (except the lack… Continue reading 59. An official title…

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58. The day badminton training destroyed me

Last night I went to my old Tuesday badminton coaching session...after 6/7 weeks. I wasn't too worried as I used to go all the time and even though it could be challenging, it was never hard work. Last night, very few people came so the coach focussed his full attention on 3 of us...that coupled… Continue reading 58. The day badminton training destroyed me

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57. Ramadan and badminton

So the month of Ramadan (fasting) is well underway. 26 days down, 4 to go, but who is counting? It is a very special month for us as it really does bring the family together and makes you appreciate what you have. My badminton diet is not going so well because in the evenings when we open our… Continue reading 57. Ramadan and badminton