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63. Tokyo nights…

Last month before all the Christmas festivities, I was doing some exciting non-badminton relatedĀ things with my life! I went to Tokyo for work in December which was absolutely amazing! I did not play badminton in Tokyo, but I did experience a completely different culture which I wanted to share with all of you! Further, this… Continue reading 63. Tokyo nights…

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47. Hair and badminton diet update!

So I have had my shorter hair for just over a month now and to be honest, I am loving it! It is so easy to look after and maintain. It looks and feels a lot healthier. Although, I can't say I don't miss my long locks sometimes, of course I do and I look… Continue reading 47. Hair and badminton diet update!

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19. Out of my comfort zone

So today is Sunday and if you remember from earlier this week, I found a beginners club in my parent's town. I come to see them every fortnight, so it would be great to be able to play while I'm here. Yes, that's how passionate I am about badminton, who would've thought it? I went… Continue reading 19. Out of my comfort zone

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11. Eid mubarak guys!

I have not played badminton since Wednesday evening, boo! I'm really missing it. Here I am last Wednesday with my badminton hair! As you can see, it's all piled into a bun on my head. Then there's those lovely frizzy bits peeking out. Joy! Yesterday was eid hence no update because I have basically been… Continue reading 11. Eid mubarak guys!