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65. Back in Babolats!

Since I injured my foot last December, I have not worn my badminton shoes. It was definitely a psychological issue, I just was too scared to play in them. I have been playing on and off in my very soft, flexible merrells which I love, but they are not badminton shoes. Since my foot healed,… Continue reading 65. Back in Babolats!

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64. I’m back!!! MIND THE GAP!

Hi guys, so if the title didn't give it away I'll confirm it now - I AM BACK! I am playing badminton again and it feels so good!! I am sorry for my long absence. They say absence makes the heart grow fonder, so I certainly hope that is the case. Thank you so much… Continue reading 64. I’m back!!! MIND THE GAP!

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63. Tokyo nights…

Last month before all the Christmas festivities, I was doing some exciting non-badminton relatedĀ things with my life! I went to Tokyo for work in December which was absolutely amazing! I did not play badminton in Tokyo, but I did experience a completely different culture which I wanted to share with all of you! Further, this… Continue reading 63. Tokyo nights…

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46. A tennis ball in badminton!

The split step is something that has been mentioned to me on various occasions, but I have never really understood it. If asked to do it I would jump on the spot before heading in the direction of the shuttlecock. This seemed like a huge waste of time and energy to me. Turns out, I… Continue reading 46. A tennis ball in badminton!