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31. Badminton – body and mind

I'm sitting here at work looking down at myself and I can say that I am happy. I started playing badminton for a number of reasons: a) to see what the fuss was about b) to not be sitting at home doing nothing c) it looked kinda fun and d) maybe lose some weight? I… Continue reading 31. Badminton – body and mind

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30. Monday no strings badminton!

Just as things seemed to be falling apart on Friday, last night they seemed to be coming together. I guess I am quite hard on myself because I know I have so much to improve on! I went to the no strings session last night and really enjoyed it. My energy levels were much better… Continue reading 30. Monday no strings badminton!

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29. Decathlon love!

In my last post you'll recall that my favourite pairs of leggings to play badminton in were in the wash, so I had to wear something else. This in turn meant that I wasn't as comfortable and secure as I like to be while playing, which was distracting. Also, I like playing badminton in oversized… Continue reading 29. Decathlon love!

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28. The return of Friday Club!

So after a 4 week refurbishment the courts we usually play at on Fridays have finally reopened! Yay! On Friday I was trying to get back from work nice and early, so that I could appreciate the new floor before we started playing. Everything was against me though! Someone asked me a question in the… Continue reading 28. The return of Friday Club!

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27. What’s the score?

So the main thing that put me off badminton when I first played it a couple of years ago was the scoring system and consequently knowing whose serve it was. I found this so confusing and didn't understand when to swap, when to serve or where to serve from! This made me feel stupid and… Continue reading 27. What’s the score?

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25. Badminton takes Bollywood

I really enjoy badminton and am definitely partial to a Bollywood movie now and again. So imagine my excitement when I found out that one of my favourite actresses Shraddha Kapoor, will be acting in a biographical movie on Saina Nehwal's life as a badminton player! Saina is a singles player and has had the… Continue reading 25. Badminton takes Bollywood